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Mechanical processing

Mechanische Bearbeitung
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Mechanical processing

With our modern machine fleet available for toolmaking, we offer our customers additional contract work such as EDM or general machining such as milling, drilling, grinding and turning. We use CNC-controlled machines to produce very small and small series such as prototypes and single parts.

Our highly experienced workers will advise you on the material selection. With a high level of knowledge and manufacturing expertise, we solve complex tasks and ensure a high standard of quality.

Scope of delivery


single parts, prototypes, very small and small series, mould constructions, equipment construction

Material and processing

all metallic materials and plastics.

milling, turning, grinding, drilling,

flat, round and jig grinding, sink erosion,

surface roughness and hardness measurements


workpieces up to 20kg

Turned parts

max. ø 250mm; length up to 500mm


max. 500 x 400 x 300mm (L x W x H)


round: max. ø 180mm

Flat: max. 500 x 350 x 200mm (L x W x H)

Wire eroding

Traverse path: 550x350mm

max. part dimension 1200x700mm ; max. cutting height 400mm ; max. weight 1500kg


max. 500 x 400 x 300mm

Customer benefits

assistance with the proper material selection

fast reaction times / high level of flexibility