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Flat plug for E-Trucks


Flat plug for E-Trucks

When you hear the word “electromobility”, do you automatically think of nimble little A-to-B business cars? E-Force One, an innovative company from Central Switzerland is turning that image on its head.

E-Force E-Trucks have been specifically designed for freight transport. They are setting a new bar for both cost efficiency and environmental efficiency. In Switzerland, the E-FORCE is more cost efficient than a diesel truck starting from just 50,000 km (31,069 miles) per year.

Thanks to a high-performance LiFEPO4 battery (2 x 120 kWh, 400 V, 2 x 1300 kg), after being converted to electric, the 18-tonne truck reached a range of 200 to 350 kilometres (124 to 217 miles) – with no emissions whatsoever! The batteries, which are fully recharged after 6 hours, have the technical flair of the company from Lostorf built-in. They come with a flat plug that was developed and produced specifically for the battery and is completely swiss made by Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik!