Rapid prototyping and toolmaking with 3D printing

As a specialist in plastic injection moulding, Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik uses additive manufacturing to meet the growing demands and fast pace of the industrial sector.

When customers come to us wanting to develop a product, we help them right from the outset in identifying the ideal solution in electromechanical press-fit technology. We simplify the realisation of customer projects by using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, where components are formed layer by layer. We establish the project’s feasibility through rapid prototyping, which creates functional models for the intended applications in the respective resins or powders.

Near-net shape tooling inserts additively manufactured from powder can be immediately produced for our manufacturing. This reduces the machining volume required in traditional manufacturing, and delivers a potentially lower use of resources despite the support structures often required for complex geometries.

With our current machine park and expertise, we can exploit synergies with other manufacturing technologies. Pilot and small batches have also become a firmly established option that appeals to our customers because of the respectively lower material and production costs.

The range of applications is vast. Our innovative tool and plant engineering department designs plants using 3D-printed parts developed in house. This means we can offer our customers a complete service: from the prototype to large-scale production.


Autor: Evelyn Kofler

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