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We are all fully aware of our responsibility to protect life, promote quality of life, ensure safety and preserve health as well as our environment. Together we are committed to a sustainable future.

It is a central concern of Vogt Verbindungstechnik AG to make a contribution to climate protection. We have therefore committed ourselves to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 emissions as part of a voluntary target agreement with the act Cleantech Agency Switzerland. The goal of our agreement with act is to increase our energy efficiency by 6 percent by 2029 and to save 140,500 kWh of electricity and heating energy annually. At the same time, we want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15t per year. To implement the target agreement, act energy specialist Michael Hess has drawn up a comprehensive catalogue of measures, which we will now implement consistently. During an annual supervision by the act energy specialist, the measures will be checked for their effectiveness and our progress will be recorded. The target agreement is an instrument recognised by the federal government and the cantons. The target path is also monitored and audited by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

Vogt Verbindungstechnik AG has already started to take various measures in 2014 to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Through seven effective measures, including the renovation of lighting in the logistics centre and production hall and the renovation of heat generation, energy consumption was reduced by 151,000 kWh and CO2 emissions by 56t per year. A total of 16 additional measures are planned at our four sites to implement the target agreement with act.


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