For the highest level of safety: UL-certified wire-end ferrules from Vogt AG

The quality wire-end ferrules from Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik, which are produced in their millions in Switzerland, have been awarded the globally recognised UL safety certification mark. Vogt’s wide range of UL wire-end ferrules ranges from 0.5 mm2 to 50 mm2 (AWG 20-1/0) cable cross sections and offers a range of sleeve lengths with the appropriate certified crimping tools. The wire-end ferrules are tested according to UL 486F and CSA C22.2 No. 291-14.

UL – the quality certification mark

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global independent safety science company with 120 years of experience in standards development, product testing and certification. The UL certification mark is one of the best known and most recognised certification marks in the world.

In contrast to other standards in the electrical industry, which only define a minimum safety standard for a product, UL certification is a genuine sign of quality. UL tests the product in depth and also gets an impression of the production process. Before certification, there are strict, comprehensive checks, which are repeated continuously, even after the quality mark has been awarded. UL inspectors visit the relevant plant and inspect the manufacturing conditions and the quality of the manufactured products. The test conditions are designed in such a way that the products meet the strict guidelines of the American and Canadian market after the quality mark has been awarded.

Wire-end ferrules – simple and safe

The classic wire-end ferrule is used where fine-stranded wire ends have to be inserted into a connection or terminal compartment without being spliced. The wire-end ferrule consists of a tin-plated copper sleeve and an insulation collar made of polypropylene. The wire-end ferrule is pushed onto the stripped wire end and crimped with a tool. Wire ends that are inserted into connection or terminal compartments must not be tinned to prevent them from being spliced open during insertion. Tin begins to flow under pressure, such as that from a terminal screw. This could break the connection and cause defects, such as faults, sparks or fires. The wire-end ferrule counteracts this – simply and safely.

It all comes down to the whole

Not only the wire-end ferrule was UL certified. The quality and safety of a cable connection according to the UL standard can only be guaranteed if the conductor class of the stranded wire, the length of the stripping and the correct tool are used with the tested wire-end ferrule in accordance with the specifications.

Your benefits

The UL certification mark for Vogt wire-end ferrules offers credible proof of quality and safety to regulatory authorities, consumers, manufacturers and retailers, and can bring a significant market advantage when used. If the wire-end ferrules are used and installed correctly, there is evidence that a representative number of this product have been tested by UL and that the applicable standards or other requirements with regard to a potential risk of fire, electric shock and mechanical hazard have been met.

Swiss wire-end ferrules from Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik with the UL certification mark stand for quality and durability, and are in demand worldwide.

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